Senior-Level Executive Search

Within healthcare, our functional expertise and placement experience are wide and deep and extend to searches related to every major area:

Board Members / CEOs 
/ Presidents / COOs
Clinical Research
Corporate Development/Finance
Discovery Science
Development Science
Business Development
Regulatory Affairs

Quality Assurance
Human Resources
Information Technology
Marketing and Sales
Medical Services


Day & Associates provides recruitment service to boards of growth-oriented young companies to strengthen board structure and improve governance and performance. Board composition has become increasingly important, given regulatory changes and the need to bring on directors who have international experience and global outlook, cultural diversity, reputation within the industry, and who are knowledgeable about new product, market, and funding opportunities.

Over the years, we have significantly elevated board stature and performance for our clients by bringing on directors with keen strategic insight, requisite skills, and the passion to make a difference.


Clients frequently tap the industry expertise and business experience of Day & Associates to discuss sensitive leadership issues.

For example, we have assisted board chairs and committees by:

  • Reviewing the board’s integrity, capability, and independence 
  • Identifying performance/skill gaps
  • Evaluating candidates in terms of fit for Audit, Compensation,  or Governance Committees

We are frequently retained to provide senior management with advice and counsel on issues dealing with executive compensation, individual and team performance, organization structure, and the overall performance management system.